Dog grooming service offered by Giggles Dog Grooming located in Yuma, AZ. Giggles dog grooming is a full service dog grooming salon with over 15 years of experience in trimming and grooming dogs of all sizes and shapes


Yuma, AZ Dog Grooming Service

Welcome to: Giggles Dog Grooming Service

We are a Tranquilizer-free environment
(We NEVER use medication for pet grooming)

Well Groomed Dog is a Happy Dog
Giggles professional staff of dog groomers:
We offer a pleasant, friendly environment for your best friend with our T.L.C. approach. Your favorite family member is ours, too, when your dog is a guest at Giggles Dog Grooming.

Giggles is a Family owned dog grooming service that has been serving Yuma, AZ Yuma County and the surrounding areas with over 15 years experience. Our staff knows your dog will love the chance to visit our "salon" and pet-spa atmosphere.

Our Pet Grooming services include:

Dog Paw Nail clipping
Dog Paw Ear cleaning
Dog Paw Teeth Brushed
Dog Paw Anal glands
Dog Paw Shampoo and style
Dog Paw Drying (no heat from the dryers)
Dog Paw Medicated baths (for fleas, ticks)
Dog Paw Skunk odor removal
Dog Paw Hair brushing
Dog Paw Dip - organic tick poison


Why should I groom my Dog
Why Grooming is so Important:

A. Your dog looks much healthier.
B. A dog groomer may notice problems during the grooming that normally may not be noticed. Examples: lumps, cuts, thorns between paws, and other abnormal tenderness.
C. If not caught in time full anal glands can become medical emergency's.
D. Groomers can advice you on any skin care and treatments that might be needed.

Why you should Brush and Comb regularly:
A. Makes your dog look fluffy and beautiful.
B. If you don't your dogs hair will get matted and is painful to remove.
c. Your dog will spend less time at the grooming salon.
d. All the dirt stuck in the mats will begin to put off an odor.

Nail Care:
A. Long nails when unchecked will curve inwards and poke your dogs paws.
B. Long nails can break and expose the nerve to dirt, rocks and germs.

After Grooming the Puppies need to be dried off without using heat element dryers
Nothing is more Important:
At Giggles dog grooming there is nothing more important than the health, happiness and well being of your Best Friend. Always bear in mind that our Family of pet groomers are pleasant, professional, and caring -- keeping you and your pet happy will always be our Families top priority!

We use room temperature dryers, we do not use dryers with heating elements which can harm your pet. Pets are given hourly appointments - less noise, and quicker release time.

If your pet has dry skin, ticks or etc. we will apply the necessary formula at no extra cost.

Testimonial QuoteDear Yadi and Joaquin, I would just like to thank you both for the way in which you not only made Midnight welcome but also the lovely cut you gave him. I would certainly recommend "Giggles" to anyone who wanted a Great cut and their dog looked after as if it was their own. Thank you once again.Testimonial Quote Teri S.

Our photo album is loaded with many photo's of dog's that have been groomed by giggles dog grooming serviceOur Photo Album
Visit our photo album to view some of our current clients. Our clients are not shy when it comes to a camera, some seem to want to strike up a pose as soon as the camera is in hand. On the other hand, the staff isn't always ready to have their photo taken, but our pets sure do make up for it.

Testimonial QuoteHer grooming is first class, makes my dogs look like show dogs. The dogs love her which is most important. I truly recommend her parlor.Testimonial Quote AT. Saffold

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